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This all-purpose lense is available in all materials and provides vision correction for one viewing area. The corrected area can be for far distance or near distance.

Multifocals will be recommended when you require correction for both distance and near viewing areas in one single pair of glasses. Avaiable as no-line progressives, bifocals, and trifocals.

No-line progressives are designed to allow you to see at distance (driving a vehicle), intermediate (looking at the dashboard), and near (reading a map) with no lines or sections. The absence of bifocal lines makes this lens the most desirable cosmetically. you will also enjoy continuous vision from far to near with this lens.

Bifocals provide both far and near correction in one lens. A visible line divides the two areas providing a visible segment for near viewing.

Trifoals are a variation of the bifocals. This double-line lens provides you with correction in three areas - distance, intermediate, and near.

Aspherics reduce the effect of your eyes lookign larger or smaller behind your glasses. Plus, the image remains more clear when you look through the sides of the lenses. And, the lenses are thinner and lighter.

Atoric helps reduce the visual distortion and allows for a wider field of vision. A thinner, lighter, more cosmetically appealing lens. Your eyecare professional can recommend which design best suits your vision correction.